Why did Eveshgaran choose these specific items as his appointed equipment?


"I love the bag because it has many compartments to store all my racquets, gear, shoes, and other essentials. I especially like the contrasting colors of the bag."

Shoes: S82III (AF)

"VICTOR S82III(AF) provides me with a perfect feel on court. Its Power Cushion supports intense gameplay, while the wide-angle U-shape at the front ensures comfort. The cloth edge keeps my toes comfortable compared to the VICTOR A970NITROLITE. The grip at the bottom enhances stability on slippery surfaces, making it exceptional."

Racquets: LI-NING AXFORCE 100

"I use LI-NING AXFORCE 100 because it's head heavy with high-end specifications that can withstand high tension and heavy strength well. It's flexible, durable, and I love its modern color."

Strings: VICTOR VBS70

"I choose VICTOR VBS 70 because it offers a good feel and durability. I also enjoy the sound it makes when hitting the shuttle."