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PROTECH Premium Knee Support

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  • Product Features
    • Anatomical Design
    • Medical-Grade Guard
    • Material : High Quality Neoprene Rubber
    • Suitable for both sporting and everyday use.
    • Size : S, M & L
    • 1pcs per box

  • Protech Premium Knee Support, is an original knit-structured knee brace that provides gradient compression.

    The anatomical design of Protech Premium Knee Support allows the knee to move in a natural motion, which provides exceptional comfort for the wearer. In addition, Protech Premium Knee Support has non-constricting cuffs on the brace to help keep it in its proper position.

    Protech Premium Knee Support its a medical-grade guard to help prevent and reduce swelling. These knee support are made from moisture-wicking fibers that assist in keeping the knee and surrounding areas dry.

    Protech Premium Knee Support Features & Benefits

    Breathable material.
    Prevents swelling.
    Wicks a way moisture.